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Ski Touring

The Kullu Valley is a fantastic back-country skier’s dream come true. Manali town, at the end of the valley, is located at 2000m and there are only two main roads going up to the higher slopes. One of these is the road to Rohtang Pass (4000m), half of which is snowed out during the winter. We can drive up to Gulaba (3000m) and then start our trek from there. Another restricted road leads up to a dam (!) project in Sethan village at 2800m. There are some great cross-country trails leading out from here and some fantastic slopes up at Sethan Dome (4550m).

Kullu Valley’s climate, altitude and mountain range pattern leads to a unique combination of recrystallised powder snow and sensational skiing terrain. There are various runs to choose from – endless, powder-filled slopes or rough terrain with high jumps or challenging criss-cross runs down thick forests trails. Skiers and snowboarders typically encounter a wide range of snow conditions over the course of a season – light powder is available earlier in the season from January to February while you are more likely to get slushy snow toward the end of the season in May.